Psalm 140

My parents used to say I was the “Queen of Excuses” and they were right.  I always had an excuse for everything!  I had a birthday recently and let me tell you what better excuse do you need to slack on fasting than that?!  I find that fasting is good for humbling me 🙂  “If I can’t even say no to … (fill in the blank) how am I going to say no when that favorite passion of mine comes knocking with all it’s enticing excuses?”  Psalm 140 is a perfect prayer for those of us who are especially good at making excuses.

“Let my prayer arise as incense…Lord I cry unto Thee hear me… Incline not my heart to words of wickedness, to contrive excuses for sin…Keep me from the snares they have laid for me… Let the wicked fall into their own nets while I escape safely”

This is the abridged version and our first run through this year. Not perfect, but not bad 🙂